Looking for things to do in Norfolk? Walking, shooting, canoe, flying, hiking and archery are just some of what Wensum Valley has on offer.
Gliding in Norfolk


  • Gliding is a sport for all ages and abilities and is said to be to be the ultimate free flying experience. Silently soaring through the air at speeds up to 170mph without an engine has made gliding a popular way for experts and beginners to get airborne.
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Archery in Norfolk


  • The ancient sport of archery dates back around 12,000 years when the art or skill of propelling arrows using a bow was used for both hunting and in combat. The invention of firearms rendered bows and arrows obsolete in warfare and in the current age; archery is mainly a recreational activity and the sport is practiced in over 140 countries worldwide.
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Flying Lessons in Norfolk

Flying Lessons

  • East Anglia has a long history of aviation and was home to many important UK and US aviation bases during the World Wars used to defend the country against German Zeppelin raids during World War I and during the epic ‘Battle of Britain’.
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Hovercrafting in Norfolk


  • Hovercrafts are specialised vehicles which ‘float’ on a cushion of air about a foot over any surface to be used as a means of transportation and recreation both on water and on land. Powered by a fan or propeller which pushes air backwards, the hovercraft is essentially frictionless and can be steered using rudders adjusting the airflow from the propeller.
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Walking in Norfolk

Walking & Hiking

  • With Wensum Valley Hotel as your base, Norfolk provides an amazing area for walking and hiking. With beautiful rolling countrysides, the world renowned Norfolk Broads, a wonderful coastline and a number of stunning historical villages and estates there is lots to explore.
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Canoeing in Norfolk


  • With the River Wensum on our doorstep and the world famous Norfolk Broads just around the corner, canoeing is the ideal way for the adventurous to explore the beautiful area surrounding the Wensum Valley Hotel.
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Shooting in Norfolk


  • If you’re looking for fun activities in Norfolk Clay shooting can easily be arranged with our sister company Churchills of Dereham. From their site in Bawdeswell we are able to offer both Clay Pigeon Shooting and Air Rifle Shooting in Norfolk.
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All activities are only available if you are a hotel resident. Apart from hover-crafting, archery and shooting which are available as an outside guest. For more information or to check hotel availability contact us on 01603 261012 or email

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