Looking for things to do in Norfolk? Walking, shooting, canoe, flying, hiking and archery are just some of what Wensum Valley has on offer.

The ancient sport of archery dates back around 12,000 years when the art or skill of propelling arrows using a bow was used for both hunting and in combat. The invention of firearms rendered bows and arrows obsolete in warfare and in the current age; archery is mainly a recreational activity and the sport is practiced in over 140 countries worldwide.

Archery tests the archer’s focus, skills and nerves and as a self-challenging sport it can be practiced by all ages and abilities. Most archery clubs offer courses and training for children and adults from the age of 8 and many clubs also have special ‘adventure’ archery courses with medieval or jurassic themes.

The sport has grown in popularity over the last decades and reintroduced on the Olympic program in 1972, archery is one of the sports to be carried out at Lord’s Cricket Grounds during the 2012 Olympics.

With a number of clubs and archery facilities in the area, we here at Wensum Valley can help you to organize an exiting day out for the whole family where you learn how to master the skills of the bow and arrow and to challenge your friends and family in a tournament.

Price £15.00 per person
Includes: Use of Equipment, Instruction, Briefing and Tuition
Minimum: 4 persons
Maximum: 30 persons
Timing: Between 9am & 6pm, 1/2 hour approx. per person depending on group size
Age restrictions: 12 years old and over, please contact us for junior archery details for under 12s.
To wear: Any outdoor weather attire is fine. Good outdoor footwear is a must.
Location: Wensum Valley Hotel.
Payment: A £10 deposit per person is required on booking. Full payment due on arrival at the Hotel reception.
Catering: Please ask us for details on any catering your require for the day.

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